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White Oak Valley Plantation Deer Breeding

White Oak Valley Plantation

White Oak Valley Plantation

For sale, White Oak Valley Plantation is a 2850-acre exclusive gated sporting community 30 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama. With trophy game and fish management, hundred miles of horseback riding trails, and the 60-acre Blue Buck Lake, the property is perfect for a corporate retreat, an individual, or a group of individuals to form their own private club.


Deer Breeding

In addition to the ideal natural habitat, the owners have embellished the environment by planting thousands of sawtooth oak trees and other such seedlings, sowing and fertilizing the clover and chicory fields, along with providing nutritional feed. The sires and dams used to breed White Oak Valley deer are hand-picked based on proven, quality off-spring. Professional, seasoned deer breeders are well aware that the doe are critical to a quality breeding program as their genetics heavily influence the outcome of the off-spring. Our does are kept in a low-stress environment and are provided with everything they could possibly need. They are chosen based on their history of producing large-frame, typical, healthy bucks. The sires are selected with equal discrimination. The trophy-producing sires used for breeding at White Oak Valley include Gladiator, Gladiator Starbuck, Bambi Yardstick and Midnight Express (100% Texas Buck). Fawns produced are bottle fed for ease of handling during the A-I process. All other fawns are bred naturally to breeder bucks owned by White Oak White Tails, LLC.

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Deer Breeding Amenities

There are site de rencontre quand on est jeune 4 large doe breeding pens at White Oak Valley Plantation. There is also a site de rencontre rencontre gratuit 20-acre buck pen for soft release into the trophy refuge. Yearlings are released into the basics 400-acre refuge for natural growth and soon adapt to the typically expected characteristics; they become wild! White Oak White Tails, LLC, the hunting operation, has 40 of the highest quality Texas-Northern does and is expecting another 30 after fawning produced by  partner breeder, Weaver Two Whitetails. White Oak White Tails is also contracted with two independent deer breeders for 30 additional bucks which are bred according to the very same high standards for quality. The goal is to harvest 50 Trophy Bucks per year averaging 220”. The average commercial cost of a 200’ Trophy Buck is $12,500.

The 200’ + trophy buck hunts are above and beyond the revenue generated on the management preserve for whitetail hunting below 200”.The refuge provides protein feed along with berlin single party silvester 5 clover/chicory fields. It is watered by natural springs and a 500’ well. The refuge is saturated with mixed mature white oaks, chestnut oaks, and pine plantation onthe south side, for cover.
And last but not least, there is also a meilleurs sites de rencontres francophones 560-acre exotic animal refuge containing elk, fallow and aoudad deer. This refuge is the only exotic refuge over a five state area!

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