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discover this White Oak Valley Plantation

White Oak Valley Plantation For sale, White Oak Valley Plantation is a 2850-acre exclusive gated sporting community 30 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama. With trophy game and fish management, hundred miles of horseback riding trails, and the 60-acre Blue Buck Lake, the property is perfect for a corporate retreat, an individual, or a group of individuals to form their own private club.


mit 30 noch single frau Outstanding Trip
Just wanted to take a minute and thank you and your guides for an outstanding fishing trip. Valerie had told me to expect 15-20 fish/boat with most fish over 6 pounds which was difficult to believe but our trip exceeded my expectatons. As you know, we averaged 20 fish/boat catching 99 fish in 2 days of guided trips with 85 fish weighing over 6 pounds and 10 fish over ten pounds. I have fished my entire life and caught my second and third largest fish ever with a 10.5 lb bass and another that was in the 11.5 -12 lb range. Both of my sons, my son in law, my brother in law and my nephew each caught their largest bass ever with every fish my brother in law caught being larger than any bass he had previously caught. It’s one of those trips that the guys will talk about when they are old men. Thanks for letting us make memories at Whiteoak Whitetails. Hope to do it again in the future. — Chris Black, June 7 2014  

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Hunting Alabama Hunting Land for Sale
This Alabama Hunting land for sale is outstanding with breeding stock, which produces exceptional trophy deer for hunting. People come from all over to experience the trophy whitetail hunting at White Oak Valley Plantation. There are over 10 miles of high fence to protect the deer and the habitat, which allows for exceptional management of the game. There are over 175 acres in food plots on the property. There is also great turkey hunting due to the wonderful habitat at White Oak Valley Plantation. Ridge tops groomed for quail habitat will provide excellent wingshooting throughout the season.

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Lakes and Ponds

The gorgeous Blue Buck Lake is a quiz fragen zum kennenlernen 60-acre lake approved by the Corp of Engineers. It is spring fed by two creeks. The lake was designed to serve as a premier natural habitat for trophy bass. It is heavily stocked with F1 tigerbass, coppernose bluegill, Georgia giant bluegill, shellcracker, and hybrid (non producing) black and white crappie. The lake is managed by Aqua Services; environmental health reports are available. Bass pro and marine service pro reports are also available. To add variety to your fishing there is an additional bass fishing lake of almost 15 acres on the property, which is also stocked. This lake is also a very good wood duck roosting and feeding area.

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Alabama Hunting Land for Sale
There are 110 miles of beautiful trails throughout the property available to transverse on foot or by horse; with bald eagles, views of rock cliffs, lakes and creeks which can be found on your trail adventure!

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